Diffraction and image processing

Here I add the procedure I used to collect data at the SLS beamline PXIII. The parameters of the beamline are: Ring current, 402mA. Energy, 12398eV. Wavelength, 1 Å. Flux: 3.6E11 ph/s.

  1. Click the green mount crystal button. The detector and blocker with move away from the crystal.
  2. Wait until the button next to the door, ‘open door’ is twinkling, press it and the door will open by itself.
  3. Mount your crystal on to the seat.
  4. Press ‘close door’, next to the door. The door will close by itself.
  5. Go to the control part. Click the green ‘alignment’ button.
  6. Use different ZOOM to align the crystal.
  7. Change data fold name and prefix name.
  8. Change the distance between the detector and crystal. Short distance will give high resolution; long distance give low resolution but better spot separation.
  9. Choose Oscillation, ShotTime and angle values.
  10. Start collecting the data.

This correct.lp output file from XDS says the quality of the images. To go to the highest resolution, the ‘COMPLETENESS AND QUALITY OF DATA SET’ should meet the following standard:

redundancy > 3
COMPLETENESS OF DATA - highest > 90%
R-meas - total < 15%
R-meas - highest < 75%